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    Run Amiga OS on Beaglebone Black?


      I am trying to make a BBB as Amiga emulator machine, so I can run games, programs and overall, use AmigaOS on the go on the BBB.


      Is there any image that is fitting for this purpose?

      I have Debian on internal memory (and there is no space for anything, since I have the 2GB version). I have installed Ubuntu 12 on a MMC, but this is as far as I made.


      I am aware that there is no port for ARM of AmigaOS, so everything will have to run under emulation I assume. I know that there is a console called Pandora, that is able to run Amiga software without problems, and the BBB is quite powerful, so that should be possible.


      Any guidance would be very appreciated. Thanks

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          I don't have any solutions, but I encourage you to pursue this as I would like to see it also.

          I wonder if there are any AmigasDOS Replacement Program (ARP) programmers around any more?

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              I am trying, thanks for the support


              Problem is; if there is no place where to get the emulator compiled for ARM; it is a bit hard to do.


              I know that there is a PI version of AROS; which is a sort of AmigaOS....if anyone could convert that version for the BBB that would be awesome. For some reasons the Pi market is huge, while the BBB (which is IMO superior in almost any way), has very limited projects going on. IF you want a self contained arcade/emulator, either you go PI or cry forever


              Amikit also uses E-UAE, which I had no luck finding a version for ARM processors; and OpenPandora does not run on anything but the Pandora itself.