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    raspberry pi camera and arduino gsm shield for sending photos to a phone


      hello everyone my name is Nathan Weber and I have a very big question to ask of all you. My question is that I'm getting a arduino uno this holiday with a gsm shield and a sd card to go with it. So what I want to know is that if I were to have a raspberry pi and a raspberry pi camera what kind of battery would I use and how would I make the circuitry so it doesn't explode or short out quickly. I already know how to do the code, how to set up the camera and the shield and I know how to make the enclosure. also I would like to add a 16x2 character display to tell the time and battery level and how would I connect that in the circuit. I would really like it if you people could help me and if you do I will maybe make it into a kickstarter and give all of you one when it is made.