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      I am totally new to Raspberry PI but  I am thinking of is a RPI as dashboard-cam but in this case with multiple cams. Not only looking forward but also looking around the car to see what else is coming towards me. Accidents not only happen in front of you! And last but not least: If there is already a RPI in the car (by then) why not use it for rear-viewing, night-vision to support the driving in bad conditions.

      Oke, I know: you can buy this stuff in a shop already, but they charge you inmensly. And of course, this is fun building it yourself, isn't it?!



      Anyone a hint how to start, what is needed, and how to accomplish this idea?

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          I looked into this a while ago as I wanted a more integrated system for a system I did for my fathers car.  I found without a video input it was a costly task and ended up using the video input for the monitor where it powered up the camera when he flipped a switch or put the car in reverse.


          However The ways I looked into were using IP cameras and converting a video input card for use gpio inputs(not sure how that would work) or even usb cameras