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    Identify a circular connector?




      I'm looking for a mating connector for the below. The photo and diagram is of a Christie CASP 2000 battery analyser. The manual doesn't specify a P/N for a mating connector, and it doesn't look like the usual amphenol mil-spec circular connector. The diameter is approximately 15mm.

      Does anyone recognise this connector?





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          Hi Tim,

          It looks like a TE Connectivity (Tyco / AMP) CPC series connector to me.

          Probably shell size 11-4.

          You should be able to look it up online.


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              Thanks Doug. Your answer was invaluable in identifying these connectors.


              I didn't want to close this without physically checking the connectors. Now that I have, I can list the exact part numbers.


              Mating connector  206060-1206060-1

              Pins(Female 4 per connector  66592-166592-1

              Flexible boot backshell  207489-1207489-1

              Internal cable grip(Required for flexible boot backshell  207490-1207490-1


              Note that I decided to go with a different backshell than shown in the manual extract above If anyone wants to use the cable clamp as shown in the manual the part number is  1-206062-41-206062-4

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                  I have purchased a CASP2000 ( military surplus ) but there seems to be very little information on the cables ( neither from Christie or the seller on Ebay )


                  I am attempting to adapt the CASP2000 to charge my custom 24V 7000mAh NiCad packs, but I can't seem to find any sort of technical manual that gives details on the resistor codes, wiring, programing of the different cables.


                  I came across your post here about the connectors and see that you have a diagram showing the wiring colors, resistor location and pin outs.

                  With this information I can now make my own cables, but I'm not sure what the blue wire or resistors have to be in order to make this unit functional.

                  The Red/Black on pins 1&4 are easy enough, I was wondering if perhaps the Blue was perhaps connected to a temperature sensor.

                  I have no idea what to do about the resistor or if the CASP will even accept a connector without a resistor.


                  Although your post is very valuable I was wondering if you have more information on the technical details of the CASP2000 or a link to an actual technical manual as opposed to the sales brochures I've found.

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                      Hi Chris,

                      I wasn't able to find a user manual online either, but I did find a paper copy which I subsequently scanned. It has all the required information for programming and cable manufacture.



                      Apologies for the size (65MB).


                      If you can't find the parts on element14, mouser will help. Probably even DigiKey depending on your location.


                      Any other questions, please ask. I may be able to help even though I broke my unit trying to get the serial output to work

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                          Thanks for the PDF, that helps a great deal, I thought it would be easy to find a CASP2000 manual online but even after spending a few hours I only found brochures and reference documents.

                          It seems my best bet is to pull out the resistors in the existing cables, replace with 30KOHM to emulate Cable 132, which will allow me to program and save my 24V 7Ah NiCad pack data.

                          Sorry to hear you damaged your unit, I do see ones for sale for "PARTS" once in a while, I think one guy wanted $400 for a broken one.

                          I am an electronics tech so I was tempted to buy a broken unit ( as the used one I got was close to $700 with shipping ) but the lack of available schematics makes it significantly more risky to buy a broken one.

                          Again thanks for taking the time to scan in documents.



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                            Hi! I'm searching for CASP2000 manual, finally found your post with link to dropbox, but seems link is expired. Can you reupload manual? Thank you in advance!