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    Identify a circular connector?




      I'm looking for a mating connector for the below. The photo and diagram is of a Christie CASP 2000 battery analyser. The manual doesn't specify a P/N for a mating connector, and it doesn't look like the usual amphenol mil-spec circular connector. The diameter is approximately 15mm.

      Does anyone recognise this connector?





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          Hi Tim,

          It looks like a TE Connectivity (Tyco / AMP) CPC series connector to me.

          Probably shell size 11-4.

          You should be able to look it up online.


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              Thanks Doug. Your answer was invaluable in identifying these connectors.


              I didn't want to close this without physically checking the connectors. Now that I have, I can list the exact part numbers.


              Mating connector  206060-1206060-1

              Pins (Female 4 per connector)  66592-166592-1

              Flexible boot backshell  207489-1207489-1

              Internal cable grip (Required for flexible boot backshell)  207490-1207490-1


              Note that I decided to go with a different backshell than shown in the manual extract above If anyone wants to use the cable clamp as shown in the manual the part number is  1-206062-41-206062-4

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                  I have purchased a CASP2000 ( military surplus ) but there seems to be very little information on the cables ( neither from Christie or the seller on Ebay )


                  I am attempting to adapt the CASP2000 to charge my custom 24V 7000mAh NiCad packs, but I can't seem to find any sort of technical manual that gives details on the resistor codes, wiring, programing of the different cables.


                  I came across your post here about the connectors and see that you have a diagram showing the wiring colors, resistor location and pin outs.

                  With this information I can now make my own cables, but I'm not sure what the blue wire or resistors have to be in order to make this unit functional.

                  The Red/Black on pins 1&4 are easy enough, I was wondering if perhaps the Blue was perhaps connected to a temperature sensor.

                  I have no idea what to do about the resistor or if the CASP will even accept a connector without a resistor.


                  Although your post is very valuable I was wondering if you have more information on the technical details of the CASP2000 or a link to an actual technical manual as opposed to the sales brochures I've found.