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    Electronics interest

      I love doing electronics, I want to stay interested, but for some reason I don't seem as interested as I used to be. Why is this?

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          Hi Nick, You remind me of myself many years ago when I first became interested in electronics. I began with lots of big ideas and so I hooked a lot of things together but they never seemed to work so I got discouraged. Before I totally gave up however I got myself a good electronics book and began to work my way chapter by chapter through the book. As I began to build a foundation in understanding electronics my projects started to work and I rekindled my original enthusiasm. I know that a lot of people nowdays seem to be able to learn from videos on line but I have always found that a good book allows me to think and take notes between the ideas. Also I am able to jump back and forth between pages to reenforce my understanding. One of my favorite books on Electronics is "Practical Electronics for Inventors" by Paul Scherz and Simon Monk. If you get this book make sure you get the 3rd Edition as it is quite errata free compared to the earlier editions. Electronics like anything worthwhile takes work and dedication to master it. If you put the time in however it will provide you with a life long hobby and perhaps even a vocation.


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