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    Impossible to use I2C in an external PCB at the same time as Explore NFC board


      Hello everyone, I am using NFC Explore board to integrate NFC in a project. In this project I am using a raspberry pi B + with the Explore NFC connected to a custom PCB where I'm using the i2c to communicate with other devices such as a RTC clock, MCP 23017, so on.


      The problem I found is related to the I2C communication, as in the Explore NFC board the gpio8 and gpio2 (sda) are connected, the result is the I2C in my PCB is not working properly. I have found a similar issue on this link:



      On the link above, he solves the problem modifying the library explore nfc, but  in my case after following those steps the I2C protocol on the PCB still does not work. I don´t know how to fix that issue. I'm using the Explore NFC in card_emulation_mode. Have anyone had a similar issue?


      Thanks in advance.