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    Unable to Flash BeagleBone Black (Rev C)


      I have Beaglebone Blck (Rev c) and I have flash BBB with the latest debian Image from

      BeagleBoard.org - latest-images    Under This link I have downloaded Image from below link

      And Flash my BBB. It works perfectly.

      But When I was testing the GPIO I have made GPIO1_31 that is pin no 20 On P8 header to Low using C program.

      As soon as I made it Low from very next time that c file was opening but giving error as "Unable to write in file. File is Read only file". But before that i have tested pin no 3 to 19 at that time it has not given me any error.

      Then I reboot the beagle bone but now it is not comming in terminal.

      Then I reflash the BBB with the same image while reflasing it gives me error as "tilcdc 4830e000.fb:timeout waiting for framedone".

      And it is not comming on terminal.

      that means it is not starting.

      Please help me out.