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    STM32F4 Discovery board & ST-Link Utility - Core Lockup


      Greetings all,


      After about a year I have returned to playing with STM32F4 Discovery board. Last time I have used the board and ST-Link Utility everything worked as it should.


      This time however, it doesn't. I connect the board with ST-Link ( USB driver ), erase the flash, and upload a .bin program ( the demo program that MCU came flashed with at purchase ). Hex program and ST-Link worked well last time I used it.


      Now when I go to Target -> MCU Core and select "System Reset", I get "Core State: Lockup". Therefore I can't Run the application ( I get "Unable to run application" ).


      What could be the problem in my case ? What could change since the last time I used the board, when it all worked well ?


      Thank you and kind regards,