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    Bitlash Teensy (mini)notebook [Onboard Interpreter]


      Hi Guys (and Girls)!


      I've been working last two days on a mini notebook based on bitlash running on a Teensy 3.1. The idea is to use it when you need some sort of mobility to do something quick, put a servo on a special position, take a look if a sensor is working the way that you think it should be, blink a led etc... without the need to turn on your computer writing a sketch for your Arduino / Teensy to print whatever on the serial port and getting your notebook next to your project.


      I based my idea on the following episode Build a Retro Computer: BASIC 80's Pocket Computer of Ben Heck Show. But he used and Atmega microcontroller, I went for Teensy because it is much more powerful than the Atmega and despite Basic is nostalgic bitlash is way more easy to extend, write code and etc.


      I got a Chatpad for 14 bucks to be my keyboard and modified this library to run with Teensy, you don't even need to re-flash the keyboard pic


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      For the screen I'm using an ILI9341 2.8" LCD from Adafruit (planing on getting the touch screen enabled on a near future) It can provide RGB colors, has much more space than than the original Ben computer.


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      The initial code is working, Now I'm going to print a 3d case, and write some additional custom functions on bitlash to run servos, drive some WS2812B leds and of course write some games to play on it!


      I'll keep this post updated and share the code on github.



      Vitor Henrique