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    DYI - IMSI catcher with ras pi.




      i want to build as part of my school project an IMSI catcher for GSM - be able to make it and if my device is in the room/lab (not outside) it will be able to intercept calls/SMS/data and will connect with my base station instead of carrier base station.

      i want to verify what is the needed hardware/software as i have NO prior experience playing with it (that's the challenge and gap i want to take).


      i want to achieve it with Ras pi like was done here:


      i found other references for raspi:


      Proof of Concept shows how to make your own GSM phone network using $35 Raspberry Pi | Plan8


      i have the following hardware:






      Question - is this all the needed hardware for similar project? is there something else i need to buy/get?

      as i could see in the above reference they mentioned/used product named ETTUS Research USRP B100 software programmable radio:



      Question - the software i need to run/install over ras pi is 'OpenBTS'?


      i saw also something called openBSC and other related project that i am not sure what is the difference from one to each other and what is needed.


      can i achieve it with my current hardwar elist + openbts or i misunderstood the whole thing.


      thank you.