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    Ideas on the best software to perform on operation on a 3D mesh


      I am trying to perform a certain operation on an irregular mesh from an STL file. I am trying to cover the top surface of an irregular object by another mesh of a uniform thickness. Ex1: covering a wooden mold with fiberglass of a uniform thickness. Remove the mold and remaining fiberglass would be the mesh I am trying to duplicate. EX2: Heat a thin piece of plastic and put it over an egg carton. The plastic melts but holds it's constant thickness but gets the shape of the egg carton. The mesh I am looking fore would be the resultant piece of plastic) Extrusion doesn't work since it is in one direction. I tried to scale up and do a Boolean subtraction of the initial STL. The irregular nature of the STL causes that process to fail. My questions are:

      1) Is there a mathematical or CAD name for the name of the mesh I am trying to create?

      2) What software performs this type of process ?


      Thanks in advance for any help.