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    Arduino + two Bluetooth HC05


      Hi everybody. (I am posting in the wrong place please move this topic where it should belong).


      I am trying to control two DC motors remotely via bluetooth and I am facing a problem which is Arduino doesn't seems to be able to manage two SerialSoftware connexion at same time.

      On my prototype breadboard the two motors and the two hc05 works fine as long as I only start one at time.


      If the arduino cannot handle two serial connections I guess I have to use a 'middleware' component to mux/demux the serial data but I have no idea what component can do that. any idea how to achieve that ?


      Attached the breadboard scheme I am using now and which is working fine (beside the fact that I can't rx/tx with two hc05

      and the Arduino code I am using.


      Thank you very much in advance for any little help on this.