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    How to address the UART


      I've been using the article by Peter Jan " Low level programming the Raspberry Pi in C". this was very helpful and I was able to get his program working to toggle I/O pins. My interest is to use the UART to produce control for DMX512 Lighting. It should be possible top get the required 250 KHz baud rate by setting the clock to 16Mhz. Unfortunately he doesn't give an example program for the uart.  The "data sheet" he uses seems to have a typo in the base address for the UART: 0x7e20100, which is missing one digit. I tried 0x7e201000, but that didn't work. Finding the correct address by trial and error has not been productive, (possibly due to an error in my code?). but it would be helpful to start with the correct address. Anyone know the correct address for the UART?