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    HDI Rigid-flex PCB High frequency Thick copper Multilayers PCB Prototype Supplier


      Dear Sirs,

      This Joson from Huanyu Technology Co.,LTD.


      Huanyu Technology Co.,LTD. has an annual output of precision single-sided, multilayer, HDI, metal substrate and FPC boards more than 1.5 million square meters,

      theproducts are widely used in communication equipments , mobile phones, computers, medical devices, automotive electronics,detection and control systems,

      aerospace and military equipments and other fields. During the past five years, Wuzhu’s sales volume has increased more than 30% annually. 2011 annual sales

      was0.75 billion yuan, annual sales exceeded 0.9 billion yuan in 2012, expected 2013 annual sales  up to 1-1.5 billion.



      FPC Parameter

      Tapes of FPC:   single-sided,single-sided hollow-out board,double- sided,double-sided  boards, 3~6 layered board,Rigid-Flex PCB

      substrate copper thickness of FPC:     8um  12um 17.5um、35um  70um

      Min line width/space: 2mil/2mil

      Min width/space: 4mil(0.10mm)

      Min mechanical drilling hole diameter: 500mm X600mm

      Surface Finishing:  ENIG,Immersion Tin,Immersion Sliver,OSP,Gold Finger Plating,Tin Plating,Whole Panel Plating


      HDI Parameter

      Tapes of HDI:  1+N+1 HDI,2+N+2 HDI,3+N+3 HDI,Arbitrary

      Min line width/space:2mil/2mil

      Min mechanical drilling hole diameter:   8mil(0.20mm)

      Min liser drill diameter:  3mil(0.075mm)

      Blind hole's Aspect Ratio: 1:1

      Surface Finishing:     


      High-Multilayers Parameter

      Layer Count:   36

      Meterials:Hologen-free materials ,PI Materials,BT materials,ppo,mixed compression,high frequency (Roger、 Arlon\Taconic、Nelco、 Taining,Microwave F4B,Isola...)

      Min line  width/space:   2mil/2mil

      Min drilling hole diameter:8mil(0.20mm)

      Max Aspect Ratio:6:1

      Max finished boare size:   23″* 32″(584mm*812mm) 

      Surface Finishing: Lead HASL,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion Sliver,whole panel plating, OSP,HASL,Hard Gold plated,Gold Finger,and mixed surface treatmeat.

      Color of Solder  Mask: White,Black,Yellow,Red,Green,Matt

      Special Technology: High-frequencry mixed compression,back drilling,Press fit hole,metal substrates,buried capacitance technology and buried resistance technology


      We are looking forward to establish good business relationship with your company.

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