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    Suggestions for DRC Command



      A few suggestions for making the DRC a bit more efficient and useful.  In

      general, the idea is that if the system can detect an error then it's

      better to detect it as early as possible in the design process.  That

      allows the user to decide if they want to fix the issue right away or not.

      But at least they know.  Of course, some may want to turn that feature off

      and should have a way to do that as well.


      1)  It would be nice to be able to run the DRC on the visible window.  Many

      designs I work on are incredibly dense so I continually need to make sure

      that I haven't introduced an issue.  Continuing work with one DRC error

      that isn't fixed can lead to a lot of rework that isn't necessary--trust

      me, I know


      To make things quick I assign a key sequence to run the DRC directly

      (clicking buttons takes too long when you run it as much as I do).  But it

      still runs the DRC on the entire design.  I could use the mouse to select

      and then run on that but that still takes longer than activating a quick

      sequence.  Being able to run on the visible aspect (which would typically

      be what I was just editing) would be useful and cut down on a bunch of

      processing.  With complex designs the DRC can take quite long.


      So either a mechanism at getting back the portion of the design that's

      visible (which can then be passed to DRC) or a command line option on the

      DRC to just run it on the visible part.


      2)  A pseudo-real-time DRC.  I've used systems that have the real-time DRC

      (Altium for one) and while it's sort of nice it can also be annoying just

      as often.  I'm not advocating for a system that tries to tell me what I

      actually want to do.


      A nice compromise I think would be to automatically run the DRC only on the

      trace/via/element that was just edited or added.  That way it should be

      pretty fast (not running DRC on the entire design).  And maybe the

      real-time DRC would only check for some things and not others (for

      instance, you probably wouldn't want to force a ratsnest to pour polygons

      to check for those clearances).


      Then maybe add the DRC errors to the display right away (like what the DRC

      does now) or even a audible alarm.  And reporting the DRC error and what

      element is causing it in the status line would be great so you know exactly

      what the problem is.


      3)  Related to above, add the ability to have more than just a beep for

      audible feedback would be helpful.  Assigning a particular sound file to

      various errors would be great.  So the online DRC could quack like a duck

      for instance






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