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    SDIP IC to DIP conversion


      Hi Everyone (potential experts and kind advice givers),


      Recently I started an 8-bit computer home-brew project based on the 64 pin SDIP version of the Z80180. Which I didn't think of at ordering is that the CPU isn't going to fit any of my proto boards which are all DIP based. Naively I thought that shouldn't be much of a problem I'll just get a converter board from Element14, since then I discovered that isn't that easy (or I'm searching for the wrong thing). In any case I'm completely stuck on this, I've ordered a ROTH ELEKTRONIK IC adapter but it turned out to be the wrong one. I'd really like to use the 64 pin Z80180 CPU as it has a lot of things build in that I won't have to think about with the 40 pin version Z80.


      Any advice would really be appreciated, I know there are some shops in the US that make these boards but the problem is I'm located in Europe.


      Things I'm thinking about:

      1. Do I need to design a board myself in Eagle and have it printed?

      2. Get a whole bunch of wires and solder 64 SDIP socket to two sets of 32 pin DIP headers (something I'm not really looking forward to)