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    Driver fixes and updates to kernel 3.18.16 and 4.0.5


      Edit: Current kernel versions and install/config instructions are also available from my webpage http://www.horus.com/~hias/cirrus-driver.html


      During the last few weeks I fixed various issues in the Wolfson/Cirrus driver and rebased it so it works with the current RPi kernel versions (3.18.16 and 4.0.5).


      You can download the patches from my GitHub repository. The 3.18 kernel with Cirrus drivers is in the cirrus-3.18.y branch, the 4.0 kernel with Cirrus drivers is in the cirrus-4.0.y branch. I'll rebase and update these branches from time to time so that the Cirrus driver and my changes will stay on top of the commit list.


      If you just want to have an updated 3.18.16 kernel you can download precompiled binaries from here. Just unpack the tarball in the root directory. Before you do that it might be a good idea to update the firmware files (bootcode.bin, start*.elf and fixup*.dat in the boot directory) to the latest version.


      Here's a list of my changes:

      - Added the FLL1 setup back so that switching between 44.1kHz and 48kHz (and other sample rates) works fine.

      - Don't register Arizona IRQ if it's set to 0. The Cirrus driver uses polling here and if we register an interrupt handler for irq 0 we get lots of "spurious interrupt" messages spamming dmesg in kernel 3.19 and newer. IRQ 0 is wrong anyway.

      - Include DCVDD patches from the Cirrus linux-drivers repository. These patches make sure the WM8804 chip is initialized properly. Without this patch I sometimes had SPDIF audio out only on the right channel.

      - Disable spidev0 in Cirrus device tree overlay. That's mainly a safety precaution so that userspace programs trying to access spi0.0 won't interfere with the WM8804 reset line. I'm not 100% sure this is needed at all, so maybe I'll remove it some time later.


      And some important notes:

      I haven't included the mmap patch, this is already supported in the upstream kernels but currently disabled by default. To enable mmap support add the following line to config.txt:



      If you compile the kernel on your own please note that the devicetree overlays have now been moved to arch/arm/boot/dts/overlays.


      Kernel 4.0 now uses spi_bcm2835 by default (the older spi_bcm2708 module is available via a devicetree overlay) so you have to extend your /etc/modprobe.d conf file and add a pre-depend for spi_bcm2835 as well. It's safe to have both the old and the new module in here, so just use this configuration:

      softdep arizona-spi pre: arizona-ldo1
      softdep spi-bcm2708 pre: fixed
      softdep spi-bcm2835 pre: fixed


      so long,



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