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    RioTboard J13 Pin Numbering


      Sorry this may be a noob question, but I cound not find the documentation of the pin numbering of J13 expansion port.

      Two things are unclear to me:

      1.) The manual http://riotboard.org/download/RIoTboard-User-Manual-V2.1.pdf lists the function of the pins 1 to 40, but does NOT say where pin 1 etc. is on the connector ... I.e. where should I start counting?

      2.) How do these pin numbers map to imx6 pin numbers and especially pin numbers in linux kernel? Let's say I am working on a linux module, what pin numbers would I have to use in functions like gpio_request(), etc. to access a specific pin on J13 connector?


      Is there a list / table I oversee? Thanks