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    Show us Your Pi Projects, Win a Copy of The MagPi Magazine


      MagPiAs you know, we're closely tied to the fame and fortune of the Raspberry Pi Foundations, and our good buddies down there in Cambridge have sent us 10 advance copies of the excellent in-house magazine, The MagPi!




      It's an exciting time for The MagPi, as Issue 36 marks the first time it's gone into print. We're in there, running a competition to win one of two Raspberry Pi 2s, so make sure you pick up a copy from your local news stand today!


      But maybe you want a free copy of The MagPi, as well as a chance to win its hardware namesake? Well, there are still a bunch of copies left after the element14 crew have rifled through my desk drawers and pilfered the magazine for themselves, and here's how you can bag yourself a tasty, Raspberry-flavoured freebie.


      1) You know the routine. Go check out the Terms & Conditions, double checking every letter of the boring boilerplate and making your peace with it.

      2) Register and/or log in here on the community.


      3) Post a blog (tagged with the_magpi) or a reply to this discussion showing us the coolest Raspberry Pi project(s) you've made, with nice, colourful photos.


      You don't have to build anything new (although feel free to put your weekend to good Raspberry Pi use if you've nothing else planned!). But we want to see how you've applied the Pi in interesting, entertaining and inspired ways.


      And who knows? if it's especially cool, you might even see your projects in print...


      The 10 that get us the most excited will get a copy of The MagPi, so show off your goodies now!