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    Heads up - Transition to new eCommerce Platform

      As many will already be aware, Premier Farnell as been migrating over to a new Web Platform over last couple of years.


      Whilst the public website is now fully transitioned, the API has remained on the old servers.  We are now in the process of migrating over and this will mean a couple of changes.


      This will fix a couple of annoying issues (such as 500 server errors when a SKU isn't found), but won't deliver any major enhancements.


      With regards the SOAP contract (which is also what underlies the REST version), everything has been tested to conform with the existing version, but there may be some subtle changes to the values returned in some cases.  E.g.  the response of 'defaultStatus' which meant nothing will now return 'Stocked' - we will release full documentation on the changes shortly.


      We will do an initial closed beta testing period with the new version so if anyone is interested in getting involved, please let me know.




      Phillip Perks

      Partnership Manager