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    Best desoldering tools.




      What online site do you use to buy desoldering tools.

      My particular one I am looking for, that has in stock is ZD-985.

      I have used a soldering iron and both styles of pumps, red ball with white tip, and a blue long one with white tip.

      I tried even using hot air, but I don't really want to damage other parts.  So that's why I am trying to find a good site to buy a ZD-985.

      Few sites I tried to get info on, their ZD-985 uses 240 volts, I need one for 110-120 volts.


      Thank you

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          I've got one of these (or something very like) it came from CPC I think.


          BUT .... it (like all such machines) is of very limited use. There are times that it's handy but not many.

          I've used a variety of solder suckers over the last 40+ years an now I almost always use de-solder braid (I keep three different sizes). Mostly it works better than pumps (manual or electric) and it's a lot cheaper.



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            Hi Kevin,

            Like Michael I too use the braid quite a bit. Often the action can be improved by adding some fresh solder first. If there is a lot of solder on the joint I will use the red bulb first and then use the braid as this conserves the amount of braid that is used. For anything with more than 6 legs the only thing that works well for me is the hot air. Sorry I do not have any information on the unit you are looking for.


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