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    Raspberry pi 2 3G wireless modem router


      sorry to disturb it. Can some one to teach me how to configure the raspberry pi 2 like 3G wireless modem router and configure wan backup to use 3G broadband

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          Have you thought about doing a quick Google search? Something like "Raspberry Pi 2 3G" should suffice.

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            I have done a little research on this as well as i am interested in doing something similar except instead of 3g I am doing it for my fiber optic internet.  In my searches i found this site not sure if it helpful or not 3G Wireless Router Based on Raspberry Pi2

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                Hi Henry,

                I took a look to the instructables you mentioned and this confirm my suspects. In cases like this IMHO we don't need to focus the attention too much on the strictly related hardware aspect Raspberry PI or not. As a matter of fact, if we think that the PI is a debian linux system this is the right direction we should investigate.

                The case shown in the mentioned link above (TP-Link) we should expect working as well as Huawei or any other 3G dongle device it is supported by Linux Debian releases. As the physical connection between the device and the board is USB 2, a standard well assessed protocol, we just need to find the right 3G dongle that is supported by Debian; a good starting point for this search is the Ubuntu version of Debian Linux, where you can find a lot of literature about.


                The reason that for certain brand of dongles there is a wide knowledge and they hopefully work without special difficulties depends on some mobile operators. When some years ago (around 2008-2009) Ubuntu was installed as the Windows alternative on the small PC mostly used for mobile data access from everywhere. This was an impulse to the evolution of the Linux drivers supporting the USB 3G Dongles provided by the mobile operators (AT&T, Vodafone and others).



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                If you're after something that provides a 3G/HSPA interface for the Raspberry Pi, have a look at Linkwave's PiloT. It's a Raspberry Pi HAT which communicated with the Pi using a USB or serial connection,  and presents itself as an ethernet-like WAN device when used in CDC-ECM mode. Check it out here: The PiloT - Add a 3G mobile data connection to the Raspberry Pi