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    Sensors to detect attendance of students in class.


      Can sensors detect a particular person? So that we can get automatic attendance while the students enter the class room .If it is possible it is helpful for all educational institutions to get attendance.

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          This was very interesting project which I had thought of making in my college days years ago. There is no sensor to detect particular person as likely to work as biometrics . I thought to do tweaks with some PIR motion sensor but it cannot count.


          Then someone suggested me to use the person's cellphone as their identity and the simple ceiling detector is able to detect a particular code/message from cell no. and it accounts to the student attendance but again this is somewhat not practically feasible. there are many loopholes and constraints to this.


          Next possible thing came to my mind was to implement a system which could monitor the audience through their respective sitting places. particular seats will be allotted to the students and the system just has to monitor the vacant/occupied and will mark respective student's name. if the seat will remain vacant, absent will be marked in front of student's name. I am trying a lot to implement the prototype even but not much successful.


          You just think of reality shows going on where I have to take audience poll, they have respective meters in their hand and system is able to get voting poll, can we make some tweaks to this system and  convert it into meaning full attendance system.... Can we do something out of box??


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            Sensors can detect a specific person if that person is uniquely tagged, perhaps with an RFID tag, for example.  However, a tagging system can be defeated if the tag is not carried consitently, if the tag is shielded from RF, or if someone else carries the tag in a purposeful attempt to game the system.  Biometric identification based on facial recognition is getting much better, but is still expensive and the ethical issues are huge and complex.  A low tech solution is to have students hand in signed work at the end of every class.  If the work is derived from topics discussed during the class, then spoofing is pretty difficult.


            I think the best approach to managing attendance is to make sure classes are engaging, relevant, and respectful of the needs of the learner.  If those aspects are addressed then worrying about attendance should be pretty much a non-issue.

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              As other users has already answered, sensors can detect a specific unit (person, animal or whatever else) if the unit has a unique ID. At the actual date the most reliable and widely diffused system is just the RFID but the detection range is short and this kind of solutions are used to detect someone just when passing in specific points (i.e. parkind, entry / exit gate etc.).


              The most (probably illegal) reliable way to track a person instead is following - using different kind of sensors / RF detection systems - through its mobile device or a GPS unit.



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                In my experience some schools in the UK are unwilling to implement electronic methoulds of attendance detection due to the risk of losing data. A local school recently received a hefty fine after losing data from the electronic registration system. I agree with Paul that physical registers are enough to solve the problem.

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                  The thing, I suggest is to wore a batch,to sense a persons presence inside the class.

                  the batch must be provided with a code,(the code refers to the person's personal identification which is physical) .

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                      I think a simple nfc tag on the uniform and a detector at door would do the trick. Just tap and enter. Cause I think this discussion is just to save teachers from the hassle of calling each student by name and noting their attendence.

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                          Here, there was a time a few years ago (I don't know if they still do it) it was even more intrusive; overseas paying students had to have their fingerprint scanned each day at college..

                          Personally I think another method is to just trust the students.. Give them reasons to want to learn, or trust that they have good reasons not to attend.


                          For schools, taking a class register is at least an opportunity for brief interaction between the teacher and each student in the mornings. Growing up, some teachers wanted to keep it formal, while some didn't care what we said during that brief interaction, as long as some (non-rude) words came out - so the kids got creative each morning.

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