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    Lead Time from API inconsistent to Onlineshop




      I for read out the leastLeadTime from the Product Search API (Rest) (example Order code 2435627), I got a value of 42. I expect this

      value represents days, I did not found anything about this field in the API documentation.Then when I open the same article on

      the Onlineshop, it offers me the date 14.12.15. And 23.10.2015 (today) - 14.12.15 => 52.  This 10 days of variations seems to some

      kind of common, because I tested a different article and received the same variation.

      Is this some kind of constant which gets added or does this inconsistency have some other cause?

      I'm looking forward to some replies.

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          Thanks for the question.


          There are a couple of areas that probably need clarity, but I will start with the website.


          Where you see the message 'More stock available...' with a date but WITHOUT a quantity, this number is based on the lead time advised from a supplier if we were to place an order today and does not necessarily mean we have an order due in before that date.  Basically, it is the standard lead time + some additional buffering that is added to the web to all the stock to go through warehouse and dispatch.


          The number returned with the API is the Raw leadtime from our systems without any buffer.  So I would recommend adding between 5 to 7 days.


          In addition, the website will sometimes display Stock due in that is already on order with our suppliers.  This data will include the quantity available. - this data is not currently included within the API response.


          I hope that answers your question - but please let me know if you need any further details.






          Phillip Perks

          eCommerce Supplier and Partnerships Manager

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              Thanks for the fast reply.

              Now I can understand the situation better. But in an other example I saw

              that those two values can have a big gap.

              Order code: 1868006, Website says 11.01.16, API says 14 .

              Also is there more documentation available for the status (1, -2, -1 ..) field which are included into the API response?

              Maybe due to the Transition to new eCommerce Platform you wrote about?

              The reason behind this is that I want to approximate a roughly delivery time, and therefore the inventory value and the lead time (and maybe the status if I know what they are stand for) are the base of this approximation.