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    Show Off Your Build


      How to upload a Video


      1 - On the right column, on the "Actions" box, click on "Start a discussion". The Discussion editor page will load.

      2 - Once on the "Discussions" editor, give your discussion any name you want: My First Build

      3 - To upload a video, click on the video icon (see image bollow) on the "Discussions" editor window

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      4 - Choose from where the video is going to be uploaded: from your computer, from your videos, or from the web

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      5 - Press "Submit video"



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      2 - On the "Inset Image" screen, follow the steps to insert your image

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        • 1. Re: Show Off Your Build ($$$CHEAP$$$ portable xbox idea)
          Me and my friends are going to be taking a trip in a couple of weeks, and on the bus we are taking there are no tv's or power outlets we do not really have the money to make one of your xbox 360 laptops but is there a way to maybe keep the system in tact and make a portable power supply that would power the xbox and maybe a monitor of somesort?
          • 2. Re: Show Off Your Build ($$$CHEAP$$$ portable xbox idea)
            Its not exactly cheap but its not to bad check out Energizer ER-FLY.
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                Ben Heck is pretty much my role model, ever since i saw his first 360 laptop, im 15, and ive been repairing computers and electronics since i was about 6 or 7, im great with soldering, and working with PCB components, Ben actually inspired me to learn how to solder SMD chips, because that is probably something he could do in his sleep. I havent done too many mods to brag about really, but there is one that i have done, i have pics posted to my website @ http://supernerdyking.tech.officelive.com/MyXboxImprovements.aspx


                Its been a dream of mine to be able to work with ben, Because he is so freaking awesome, And im good with electronics and i feel i could learn a lot...

                But thats probably not possible, that would be to amazing.


                But it also would be awesome to meet him...


                Ben, If you ever read this, Please check out http://supernerdyking.tech.officelive.com/MyXboxImprovements.aspx


                Thank you1




                Christopher Ryan Aouate

                • 5. Re: Show Off Your Build ($$$CHEAP$$$ portable xbox idea)
                  Its called a portable generator,get one
                  • 6. Re: Show Off Your Build

                    Hi Ben


                    When you're removing components with lots of pins from boards, such as the DVI connector on the LCD Board - you should try Chip-Quik

                    It's like a solder that once it's melted it stays fluid for a long time - giving loads of time to remove multi pin and even SMD components.

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                      Andrew Goins

                      Hey, i'm new to this stuff, but what would be recommended *cheap* soldering tools aouate3? I want to learn but im a bit poor XD

                      • 8. Re: Show Off Your Build

                        My son was sent to Iraq and he wanted to take his game console and laptop.  The big issue for him was the shipping and the sand.  He bought a Pelican brand gun case, some foam from the craft store and a piece of lexan.  I routered out the lexan for the interior deck lid and put a camo decal on it.  Its not really a Hack, but it severed his purpose.  You can see the speakers in the lid.  The laptop is a MacBook Pro.  All the wiers are hidden and the game controller storage is not cut into the lid yet.  There is a junction box for inpu/ouput and a power block with one AC cord that retracts when the main lid is opend for use.IMG_0372.jpg

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                          Pretty awesome! Nicely done!

                          • 10. Re: Show Off Your Build

                            The input/output junction, is that for video?  The question ultimately being does the xbox360 show video on the MacBook Pro's screen and if so how'd you end up doing that?  (Thanks!  Been trying to figure that one out for a while)

                            • 11. Re: Show Off Your Build

                              I built this last Spring but am currently back to the drawing table to make it a little more sleek and not so "boxy."  I, too, was inspired by Ben.


                              • 12. Re: Show Off Your Build

                                That's pretty rad! I'm hoping to start my first mod next year (I'm far from electronically inclined, but I'm giving myself the full year ). Want to try to take my old Sega Master System and make it portable. Ben's the man!

                                • 13. Re: Show Off Your Build

                                  Wow, that is pretty good. Although the looks could be sleeker, the thing is darn awesome.

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                                    The following response is from my son, who I built the case for.  He is not a member of this forum.


                                    Here's how we ran all the video / audio for the system.

                                    Out  of the XBOX360 we ran a "standard" A/V.  This included a red/white set  of audio and VGA / sVGA line.The EyeTV model we were using had a video  input adapter that took those three sources and fed it in via USB.  For  our rig, we hid the EyeTV inside the case, and just used a USB extension  cable to connect it into the computer.  With EyeTV (the Application)  running on the mac, I'd suggest sVGA input, and power on the XBOX.  The  Audio would go out through external speakers, wired to the mac, and the  video would play on the EyeTV program (which can go full screen, no  border).  I saw very little lag with this setup, and actually used it  for games like Guitar Hero, which require spot-on timing.
                                    Hope that helps.
                                    Sorry for the delayed response.
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