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    Combination of programs


      Hello ,


      For the SD Card i need some data to store in it. I combined some programs ADC,RTC both are working but when i'm going to combine SD Card & BLE it is not working. I think programs are correct because they are working separately but problem in usage. Any body has any idea that how to combine clubbed RTC&ADC program with BLE & SD Card. If i'm combining them ti is not giving any bug & output also. Problem in usage.

      I'm attaching my programs.

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          Help me to come out, I need to combine them sequentially but it is not giving any bug & output, Where is the issue in usage or memory. I checked the memory meter there is some place & no conflicting, what i need to do?

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              Hello Arpita,


              first of all I suggest you should stop attaching files to your posts that explicitly says security policy violation. Just only attach your material or non copyrighted non rights reserved material. Anyway the files will be blacked and can't be saw nor downloaded by us.


              Second, as it is difficult for many users that can give you helpful advices to download you example and - supposing that they have the same environment you use - install the code or make same or similar tests, I suggest to past the code in the text, explain with as much details as possible your problems possibly with some images too then you will see that there are many other users that try to give you advices and suggestions.


              Important: while posting the code, possibly just the essential parts of the sources generating the issues and - if any - also the produced compilation errors etc. don't forget to use the syntax highlighting for the code, to render it more readable and easy to focus and - eventually - copy and paste by other users. For syntax highlighting you find the option in the post and comments editor, take a look to the image below.


              Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 08.13.10.png

              The only suggestion that I can give you at this point - it is only a sensation and can be totally wrong - is to check if the two hardware components (BLE and SD) are accessed both through the I2C protocol and - in this case - check if they are not erroneously sharing the same component ID. This maybe one of the possible cases sourcing your problems,