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    Wearable Air Cast with Digital Scale for weight bearing measurement


      Hey Ben,  Love your show!  I broke my leg in three places... attached are some fancy photos of a medical steel rod and small metal plate.  I wore an aircast (plaster is so 1980's) [fibreglass is sooo 1990's]...and eventually healed up pretty good... but during the difficult 'weight bearing' period I had a difficult time one-footing it onto a scale to see how much weight I could bear on my weak, pathetic, scaredy cat, broken leg...

      I am not a great Maker (yet) but I did envision an air cast boot coupled with a digital or analog scale that would be used all over the world to help rehabilitate the wounded.  I enlisted a young maker in the making and he uncobbled a couple of digital scales I grabbed at Goodwill -

      And that is where we made it with our project - Please consider helping.  A Maker in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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