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    Access denied


      Just tried to download an Eagle CAD footprint from:




      ...but the response was...


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "http://au.element14.com/analog-devices/ssm2305rmz-r2/amp-audio-2-8w-mono-d-8msop/dp/2074853?" on this server.


      Reference #18.d08ffe3c.1449914212.1052e655



      ...no biggie. Just sayin.

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          Hello android111

          Thank you for raising this, we are still working on getting this resolved and apologize for the delay.


          Thank you again,



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            Addition: if I remove the ak_bmsc cookie I get access again until a few pageloads later... So it's probably this (and/or other) cookie(s) that's messing things up.

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              I have a temporary fix for anyone having trouble with this issue!


              Clear all cookies attached to "farnell.com" but leave all of the cookies for "uk.farnell.com" (or, I would assume whatever localisation prefix you use, dk.farnell.com or au. for example).


              This seems to remove the access denied error for a time whilst leaving you logged in and the items in your basket.

              I'm still having to re-clear the cookies for farnell.com every 5-10 page loads, but at least I'm not back to square one after each clear.


              I am willing to bet a similar procedure would work for element14 users though I don't have time to check myself at the moment.


              farnell/e14 really needs to fix this.. I'm happy to provide any debugging info I can if requested

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                    farnell/e14 really needs to fix this..

                    It really needs to, because otherwise we customers are forced to buy our stuff somewhere else. :-(

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                        Time goes by and problem is still present. Perhaps Farnell doesn't know about this or they don't care. I need to buy one thing that I know is supplied by Farnell and I can't.


                        Meanwhile I found out that this is common problem when Akamai customer (Farnell uses Akamai) fudges configuration. At least it is so according to some Akamai support website. It doesn't help us - customers though.

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                            HI - please rest assured we are working on this WITH Akamai and this has nothing to do with certificates or us "fudging" configuration. :-)


                            If you do get Access Denied please try again or visit homepage of the store you are in. If that doesnt clear the issue and you are not disabling Javascript or using other browser add-ons that help "hide identity" then please contact us with the Incident number that is displayed. This will help us to "tune" configuration with Akamai.


                            Your experience and continued custom is of course important to us. We work closely with Akamai to protect the site and provide a good experience - we are disappointed when that is not the case.


                            Best Regards.

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                        Dudley Nelson

                        We've just made a change to the network setup which should have stopped the phantom "access denied" issue from happening on our store fronts.


                        Should anyone who was getting this error happen to them quite frequently (lui_gough) still be getting access denied errors, complete with a reference code that looks something like this: #18.ac3c5168.1111111111.11111111 - please report this, either here or in a new discussion on feedback and support, so I can redirect this feedback to the appropriate teams.


                        Thanks for all your patience



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                          I'm getting the same problem...




                          Access Denied

                          You don't have permission to access "http://www.newark.com/c/enclosures-racks-cabinets/enclosures-boxes-cases" on this server.


                          Reference #18.5b72d17.1549222664.7c8d86f


                          If I try to go back to http://www.newark.com/  it just sits and hangs forever.


                          If online stores would stop adding stuff that invaded the privacy of users, or abused Javascript by popping-up all kids of ads, surveys, or help wizards all over the place or made hard-to-see font changes or change the size of the browser window (I like portrait orientation and not taking my entire screen, so I can have other stuff open) or other irritating scripting tricks, nobody would be running NoScript or Ghostery on their browsers.  I don't mind disabling the script blocking for each site when they can be trusted, but disabling Ghostery or enabling scripting for sites that have wider site scopes isn't reasonable.  Sorry.  Fix your site and I'll be back, but if you tell me I have to disable security plugins in order to use this site, or if I have to use a specific browser and/or operating system, I won't be back here to shop.

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                              this problem has been with site for far too , long and continues


                              so many times i have just gone else where cos this company fails to listen and fix ,  what is major problem with their site

                              vpn use , add blocking should not stop access to login, view  use this site


                              companies  that want to access the site often have vpns in use , restrict what users see in the form of adverts and cookies


                              It time this company woke up and fixed this site to stop this problem , for uses of firefox, chrome etc browsers


                              WAKE UP ELEMENT14 YOUR LOOSING LOTS OF SALES