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    smart watch - arduino based CHEAP but great smart watch


      Let's build a smart watch!




      Based on arduino, there is a great tutorial:






      There are many videos on youtube with guys bragging about their build, but:


      - There is no real breakdown video of the steps.


      - There should be larger screens used: on github the software development is active, and now it supports better screens - even colored ones (though I prefer monochrome, but larger ones).


      - The casing could be improved much, if the watch size would be bigger - with larger screens its not that weird if the watch is not just a small one, I would not mind if it would take the size of some fashionable larger watches.




      Please Ben and element14 team, make it. I am a lame noob, need a little guidance!




      (thanks for the novena and pi-top projects, loving it!)

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