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    Christmas Presents from Codebugs


      I made a rocket for my nephew for christmas, a colour star provides the engines and a codebug does the countdown sequence.


      A 2L drinks bottle provided the fusilage and a cardboard box supplied the fins.


      I had to sacrifice a better battery than intended as the cheap one kept turning itself off during the countdown (power save feature).


      My brother-in-law was slightly disappointed witn the feedback, apparently the lego millennium falcon was quite expensive so becoming second best present was a little blow.

      Here's the code.

      Here's the video (you Tube)




      I made four christmas trees with a codebug colour star on top of each (two daughters, two nieces).


      The trees were made out of hardboard and covered with green paper, the colour stars were wrapped in tinsel (as a diffuser, they are two bright otherwise). A USB battery pack was used as the power supply.


      Here is the code.

      short (4 Seconds) video of it in operation