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    Hack for old style crank phone


      Convert an old style crank phone to accept voice commands. Pick up the hand set and speak into the phone "hello operator" then tell the operator what number to dial or something you want to do like turn on the lights, unlock the front door or make a reminder. I thought about using a PC or a smart phone but I can't get Seri or Cortana to change their name to operator.

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          I purchased an old crank phone at a second-hand store last year that I'm planning to add a Google Voice AIY Kit.   By modifying the keyword to respond to "operator" or by the turn of the hand crank it will work more like the original phone (simulation at least).  I will be using a Raspberry Pi 3 with the Google Voice AIY kit and will make modifications for microphone and speaker to use the earpiece and voice receiver.  I plan to use a relay for a button by connecting it to the output of the Crank Magneto, which can produce approx. 80 to 100 volts AC.