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    Industry’s Fastest 16-bit ADC (250MSPS)


      Analog Devices has unveiled its 16-bit AD9467, said to be the industry’s fastest analog-to-digital converter (ADC), capable of 250 MSPS (mega samples per second).


      According to the company the AD9467 operates on 35% less power at 25% higher sampling rate than any other 16-bit data converter, providing signal processing performance for test and measurement instrumentation, defense electronics (especially radar systems) and communications applications where high resolution over a wide bandwidth is needed.


      The AD9467 delivers resolution and a fast sample rate while simultaneously achieving a high SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) of up to 100 dBFs and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) performance of 76.4 dBFS. The device’s SFDR of 90 dBFS up to 300 MHz analog input and 60-femtosecond rms (root mean square) jitter allow engineers to increase system performance while reducing product size.


      The AD9467 can be used with the company’s AD9523/24 clock generators and ADL5562 3.3GHz  RF/IF differential amplifier to provide a data conversion signal chain solution.


      Production release is scheduled for November.