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    Experimental Arduino Musical Instrument

      I thought our MusicTech Challengers might find this inspirational.


      It's an interactive art exhibition and experimental musical instrument called Exp.Inst.Rain, by Guatemalan artist Balam Soto. In his own words:


      "Exp.Inst.Rain incorporates projection and sound generated by a wireless box made of wood, plexiglas, Arduino, electronic components and custom touch sensors. By touching the box at various points, participants create different sounds; these sounds then generate changes in the projection.

      "It is an analysis of the social and cultural adoption of tangible user interface. Globally, touch devices are increasingly common; people understand how to use them. “Exp.Inst.Rain” analyses this new technology and makes use of this new common understanding to fuse sound and visuals into real-time interactivity.


      "This artworks it’s power by Arduino and wireless vibes , using Capacitive Touch Sensor and home made aluminium electrode to pick up touch. Custom software acts as a Bridge between the Exp.inst.X and Midi software."


      Nice, right? Makes me wish I'd entered MusicTech along with the Challengers! Speaking of which, check out how they're all doing right here: MusicTech


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