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    Android lagging on Beaglebone Black


      I have an android 4.4 kitkat loaded on my sd card (sdhc class 10), with a GUI loaded with different apps such as to monitor two sensor values and to control the GPIOs of the beaglebone black amongst many other apps, but my GUI keeps on lagging on the Touchscreen panel which is a dell (S2240T).


      I have kept the clock speed at 1 GHZ of my BBB.


      What do I do to avoid this lagging?



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          Hi sush1993,


          Firstly I have to tel you, the BeagleBoneBlack is a great board in it's own right.

          I, myself own a good few of them doing all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff with them.

          I have to admit that it is probably not the best board to run Android on it because of many Android/Kernel/Hardware/Codecs issues.

          Yes I have Android running on one and yes I also had this lagging GUI with all the jitters, flickers and a series of other weird


          Unless you really have the real need to run android on the BealeBoneBlack I would actually encourage you not to.

          But, you are free to contact me on this platform should you have the need to continue with android.

          There is quite a bit to be done to customise a working setup.

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              Hi Yunus,


              I have been working on a project from last 6 months where we have interfaced different sensors and made a user interface in android running on a BeagleBoneBlack  (Rev C) to be operated by the user. Hence currently I don't have any option but to continue with android on BBB.

              So if you could suggest me how to customise it and help me on the same.

              And yes, in future if we wish to switch to some other developing board than which one would you suggest (with android OS).

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              sush1993. I get it, that for the present time you are stuck with the BBB.

              Let me  address your reply in the reverse order.

              If a variety of sensors and a user operated interface is the focus of your application,

              then I would actually recommend the Raspberry Pi 3 which is firstly much cheaper than the BBB,

              and secondly, it supports a very rich variety of readily available sensors and other peripherals,

              thirdly, it very much enjoys a greater support community. And most importantly, in my experience,

              Android just works with the least amount of tweaking and hacking.

              OH!!!!! And Google AOSP  Repository is imminent

              I am not saying that there are no issues with the RaspiAnd, but it is way more supported than on the BBB.

              With that being said, let's move on to attempting to assist you with your current issues.

              Can I ask you to email me the full project technical/functional specs and prime objectives of

              what it is that you ultimately want out of all of this.

              I will commit to assisting with everything I know and my experiences with the BBB and Android.

              If that is okay with you, here is my email:





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                  Hello, we have the same issue. Running Android on BBB, and in some cases our App is very slow, as when we load a new screen etc, it may lag 3-5 seconds. We have confirmed the processor is running at max (1GHz) and we have plently of RAM. We are also running on the sd card, and perhaps there is better performance if we flash to the emmc? What can we do to speed things up?