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    I'm Not An Engineer


      Hi, I'm anas, I'm not an engineer but I have a story, this story about me how I start in electronics, I'm 12 years old kid I love exploring and I always open some devices for look inside of it, my dad gives me an laptop when I was 11 but the laptop is old and the battery is death, one day I asked to my science teacher about the problem but she can't answer the question but she say go to the physics teacher, then i talk about the problem and he give me an multimeter for a day to measure the volts and current but the battery is death, but this is an beginning of a story, then he told me next day about arduino I don't know that much about arduino, and I told him about raspberry pi and next day we buy and raspberry pi and arduino uno and nano 3 days later we get the parts, next day i downloaded the IMG files and flash it to an SD card, then we start working in a project, the name of the first project we made is smart car, we work so hard to make it done, when the project is done an science fair in school is open and we put it on fair, and every body love it! And we are working in another project right now, thanks for reading my story I hope you liked it, goodbye