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    Same license on work and home machine?




      Is it possible to use single same stand-alone license on multiple machines (not simultaneously). If I want to continue working on my projects from home (during the weekend), do I need a separate license? Is it license per installation or license per active user?

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          I would guess that it is the later, License per Active User. My 3-user License to use Acronis 2016 is only three active users. But you can transfer from any/all of the 3-users licenses to other machines (PC's) as long as you don't exceed Three Active Users. My 1-user License for Mathworks MatLab/SimuLink had said something about an arrangement that could possibly accommodate two machines on the same 1-user license. They (Mathworks) pose a situation where the 1-user License was originally installed at a Student's PC at University, but could also be used on another PC/Laptop when the Student is home on vacation. B/C I am not a student IDK (I Don't Know) the Details. Best to inquire of the S/W Manufacturer.


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            Addition to Edward Yee 's reponse.


            Hi Tanel,


            This is what I learned about CircuitStudio:


            The software may be installed onto a work and home laptop,

            Yes this is acceptable.

            Only one of these PCs can be active at a time with just one licence.



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              2.4.2. In the event that You have licensed the Licensed Materials for use in connection with a single computer, You may install and use only a single copy thereof at any given time, and said copy may be used only by You; provided, however, that if You have licensed the Licensed Materials for use on a single computer: a) you may install a second copy of the Licensed Materials on a home computer solely for use in connection with, and governed by, the License granted herein, so long as such copy is never used simultaneously with the original copy; and b) You may make a back-up, archival copy thereof that You shall install and use only in the event the original copy of the Licensed Materials is lost, corrupted or in some other way made unavailable other than through use or possession by another person.