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    Still Working: BeagleBone Black with SpeakJet Cape

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      Hello World! I am BACK!

      Thanks to fustini, none of my BeagleBone Black projects would ever be possible! I'm back in element14 Community after almost two years of absense! And I am still working my SpeakJet Cape! For those that do not already know, the SpeakJet microcontroller is a hardware-based speech synthesizer, an audio OUTPUT device! (I'm empasizing OUTPUT so people aren't confused!)

      Most Successful in 33 Years!

      Of my 33 years of computers and electronics, my BeagleBone Black SpeakJet project is my most successful project! In fact, this project allowed me to invent my SpeakJet parsers!

      Full-Time Headless Mode!

      In celebration of my 19 years of Linux experiences, my BeagleBone Black operates entirely in headless mode! That mean, there is no keyboard, mouse nor monitor connected to my BeagleBone Black! Access to it is mostly by secure shell (SSH). I added a VNC Server for the newbies that don't know the Linux shell by now.

      Why I Posted This Discussion...

      Ever since I invented my SpeakJet speech synthesizer system as my BeagleBone Black's Audio OUTPUT device, I have noticed my BeagleBone Black SpeakJet project is OMITTED out of every BeagleBone Black project site and book. Yes, my BeagleBone Black can talk without a sound board, and can speak Robotic English and Robotic Tagalog. (As a linguist, I am now training it to speak other languages I know, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.) My BeagleBone Black SpeakJet Speech Synthesizer System uses LESS POWER than any desktop/laptop computer and mobile devices. Also, my BeagleBlack's CPU can do other stuff while SpeakJet is talking. This is NOT a screen reader project, nor is it a J.A.R.V.I.S. project. It does not have a microphone, so all of your voice sounds are completely ignored! However, it will speak a human robotic voice as Audio OUTPUT. The benefit to that is, no need to interpret a LED nor LCD screen.

      So far, to date, I believe I am the ONLY ONE that is actively working my BeagleBone Black with the SpeakJet microcontroller. It greets me every time I log into it.

      Thank You for Reading!

      Since my BeagleBone Black is an embedded Linux system, i frequently work many projects and subprojects on it. I am able to shell into it from my Android tablet or phone, or even from my Windows PC, and do more Linux projects. Thank you for Reading. I'm wondering if I'll inspire other people to do my projects, like I used to, before... Have a Nice Day!