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    How to modify a set top DVD/Blu Ray player for 12V operation


      That should say it all.

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          no it isn't, there are the questions like, why? I can buy a car dvd player with double screens for 89 dollars or 39 dollars for a dvd player and tv. So why try to convert a regulars dvd player to a vehicle dvd player then add in the price of the of a screen. It would seem just cheaper to buy one with the screen.

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              You've made too many assumptions, forgetting the main point being that this is my project and I have my reasons that I don't need to explain to anybody else.  Who says I am going to use this in a vehicle?  Who says I don't already have a display?  Anyway, I can see I will get nothing but ridicule here for suggesting a Ben Heck project.


              I like to use what I already have rather than buy something new.  I believe in reuse and conservation.  I believe in the journey rather than the destination.  I enjoy working with my brain and my hands.  Enough said.

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                      Yes your Project, a project where you made no simple attempt to explain anything but stating the project you want Ben to do. As I said you did not explain why this is a good idea, did not say anything to make any one have a reason to get excited by your idea. You took more intrest in trying to make your self the victim and that none of us " use our brains and hands" to make things.


                      To enjoying the journey and not the destination, what journey your destination was "Build my idea" with no explaintion to lead us on the journey.


                       To ridicule is a matter of perspectives. You want to see miss treatment check out the threrad "metered toilet paper" the arthur had a reason to be upset. Still not sure where I ridicule you, I did think your prenstation was lacking and I was hoping you would take up the challenge to explain it but know you just want to be offened and to lash out.


                     Now to you responding I don't give a flying fig if you do or don't thats your choice. You acted childish in your reponse when I just posted a question on "why this is a good idea."



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                Do you have a schematic or datasheet for your DVD?


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                    No schematic but I do have photos of the power supply board, both sides, so I can reverse engineer the schematic.  It may be simpler for me to just measure strategic test points on the board, remove AC, and then inject 12V where the supply provides that and see if I get a functioning unit.  The power supply not only provides +12V, but also Vcc (probably 5V or 3.3V) for the main circuit board as well as 5V for a USB connection and pass through for the power and eject buttons, LED, and IR sensor.


                    Pins to the main board are labeled +12V, GND, IROUT, Vcc, GND, USBP, USBM, USB_Vcc, VSTB, VSCK, LED, and GND, so these should help a lot, too.


                    I'm not a blu-ray expert but suspect this is about as simple as a power supply could get for these devices.


                    Oh, and schematics seem to be available out there for a fee.



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                        Hi John,

                        Post the pictures that you have for the board. Hopefully the power supply board is separate and not integrated with the main board.  From what you describe the power supply is probably a switch mode power supply (SMPS). If it is a SMPS just injecting 12 volts where it presently is will not generate the other voltages that you may need. They will likely come from unique taps on the high frequency transformer. Once you identify what is needed for voltages, most likely, you will have to use separate DC to DC converters to get to the other voltages. There are small DC to DC variable voltage converters low cost converters available from e-bay that could be used. If you are able to purchase that schematic that you mentioned it might eliminate some of the guess work.

                        John W.

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