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    NEC PC Engine (TG16) Ultimate Multi-System


      The PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) had many, many hardware revisions...


      ...but never an ultimate one, that had every feature.


      The build idea is to mod a PC Engine to include every feature of every revision, in one unit.  Features...


      Level 1 (Hecky dory)...

      1)  Plays both JP (Hu Cards) and US (TurboChip) games (region free mod)

      2)  Plays CD games (already region free)

      4)  Plays games that requires the Arcade Card (Neo-Geo fighting game ports, mostly) by building in the Arcade Card and have a switch for it

      5)  Has the 5-player adapter built in (normally only one controller port; not even two)


      Level 2 (Hecktastic)...

      6)  Plays SuperGrafx games (only 7 unique games)

      7)  RGB, component, and/or S-Video out mod


      Level 3 (Heckinator)...


      8)  Slot-loading CD drive


      Level 4, They've Gone to Plaid (Heckdiculous)...


      9)  Plays LD-ROM LaserActive games


      The PC Engine was a great system and, because of its extensive lineage, it's begging for such a mod.  Call it the Turbo Trio RX Super CD-ROM³

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          I think it would be cool.  Also after seeing many of Ben's portable conversions of many platforms, and of course the TurboExpress/PC Engine GT were the first handheld consoles to play TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine HuCards....


          I am curious how a TurboDuo conversion to portable would be. 

          The only problem with using a TurboDuo for the conversion, is that it is very rare and be a shame to dismantle(I never should of sold mine in hindsight).

          Maybe a just a standard PC Engine, with CD-ROM2 and system 3.0 card or Arcade card shall do.  Sorry the SuperGrafx is too rare too and a shame to dismantle as well.


          However, there is other ways to accomplish what you are looking for, and that would be using a Raspberry Pi and emulator for example.


          My apologies for the late response, I just joined this site.


          -James Welch