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    what battery do i need?


      So i want to buld a raspberry pi portable. I am new to electronics and have a question.

      It has to have a built in display and i will probably just connect a keyboard to it to configure it.

      And i would like to give it a tablet like shape and just connect a usb mouse (I would also like to make it this way so i do not need a keyboard when using it, because it is portable and the mini keyboards cost a lot)

      I found a backup display on amazon wich is 7 inches and needs 12v and 5 Wats

      The raspberry pi needs 5 volts at 2.5 amps

      So my question is: what battery do i need?

      I watched a video about the types and i am going with a NiMH battery because the video said it was safe.

      But what kind of ratings do i need?

      Do i need a 17v battery and put the screen and pi in series, or do i fry something then?

      And how di charge it? do i have to take out the battery when charging or can i connect the pi and screen to the charging circuit or something?

      please help and sorry for this stupid question.