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    CircuitStudio purchase - BIG license issue(s) and warning




      i just bought a CS license from Farnell. But there is a HUGE issue with license delivery


      1. I bought the license this week and got it today (24/9/2016) - but license start date is the 20/09/2016 and order date was 23/09/2016?) - are you shorting out peoples licenses on purpose? A year should be from the day YOU deliver - not the day I order or some arbitrary date before my purchase. I have never seen that before.. Not even by Adobe.... -


      Sorry delete - i should have read the document/email - it is a jump start license until I get my own...


      but still leaves last issue:


      4. License expires?? Does that mean I cant use CS after the expiry date if I do not buy "maintenance? " - I'm sorry but I was not aware that it was a subscription ONLY product and it would stop working after the initial period. I could not find that described anywhere.


      If the Product will cease to work one year after purchase  - then please refund me the CS package and I will buy Proteus instead.


      I have deleted the license from my computer


      thank you very much


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