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    Linux DTB support to run Cortex A7 and Cortex M4 simultaneously on WaRP 7


      Hi All,


      On WaRP 7 board, I am trying to run Linux on Cortex A7 and RTOS based binary on Cortex M4.

      I need to run both of these cores simultaneously.


      While doing this, I followed below steps...


      1) Run U-boot on A7

      2) Load M4 binary in TCM attached to M4 using fatload command on Uboot.

      3) Run M4 core by bootaux <image addr>

             (At this stage M4 binary is successfully executed.)

      4) run bootcmd on Uboot console to run Linux image.


             At this stage, I am not able to run linux image and kernel is not be able to boot.


      I looked in support for other NXP based boards. They are providing support for separate linux device tree blob (dtb) for this purpose with which it let M4 run simultaneous binary.

      Does anyone aware about this kind support for WaRP7 board?


      Thank you for your help in advance.