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    TENMA  72-10510 Input Voltage




      Does anyone know what input voltage TENMA  72-1051072-10510 can handle Cannot seem to find that info on farnell or on google

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          It says in the spec that it can handle 20V per division


          "Dual analog channels width range 1mV/div ~ 20V/div"


          Typically you get 8 divisions so I guess it's +/- 80V, with x10 probes it will be more, but the probe may well no be good for 800V.


          The spec seems rather sloppy but I checked and the Rigol DS1052E is specified in just the same way (but only 10V per division max).


          What they don't tell you is the maximum safe voltage on the input and the maximum you can measure if you use the offset controls.


          You could ask Farnell tech Support (and think carefully before you turn down the Rigol which is only about £30 more but twice the sampling rate and bandwidth).



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            Bald Engineer James

            Are you looking for the maximum voltage you can measure? Or the maximum voltage the oscilloscope can tolerate before there is damage? For the maximum measurable voltage, looking at the max volts/div is the most appropriate method.


            For maximum ratings of the scope input and probe, both are available in the manual/datasheet.


            Max Scope Input: PDF page 51. It can tolerate up to 400 Volts-peak.


            Max Probe Input: PDF page 61, shows that in the x1 setting max input voltage is 150 V and in the x10 setting it is 300 V.

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