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    "Generate output files" bugs


      Hello everyone!

      I am using circuit studio 1.3 and it seems to me that I found some bugs in "Generate output files" dialog.

      First, I am trying to create a BOM file from my board. My board name is for example DD_1.3.Whan I leave it as is - all works fine! But when I am trying to add some characters in the end of name, CC generates a file with extension "all characters after dot". For example if I add a word "_new" to the name of my board instead of "DD_1.3_new.xls" I have "DD_1" file name with "3_new" file extension.




      Second, when I am try to use "PCB print" option to generate a .pdf file for my board, again I open the  "configure" link and choose the layers I want to print.

      But when I choose a mechanical layers, it is not appears in the final .pdf file. Instead of that when I open  "configure" link again, some of mechanical layers disappears from the printing layers list, some of them change its names.

      For example here I want to print mechanical layer "Body", but it is gone when I press "OK" button and open "Configure" dialogue again.

      When I am working with the same PCB in Altium designer, pdf and BOM files are generated correctly.

      Any comment and suggestions are welcome.