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    failure of refund

      I had ordered a product on 7th Dec.

      I was informed by your representative that my order couldn't be processed.

      I asked for a refund.

      I was never informed regarding the status of my order neither my refund following.

      I have tried sending multiple emails which have been never replied to; those replied to didn't ever give me the status regarding my order nor refund.

      I tried calling customer care which either has a non existant number, or does not work (blank noise on other side).

      I have tried emailing Farnell, which again didn't reply.


      Is element14 India an actual company, or a con? Have I been cheated?

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          Ah, very sorry to hear about this -- let me contact the team internally, and let them know about the difficulties you've been having. I'll do that now, and mark it as a top priority.

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            Dear sir

            On 6 may 2017 we place order on element14 ( INDIA)

            Order Details
            element14 Ref:1766857

            After some
            days he demands tin number but we not have so be cancel order and we

            demand refund after 15 days when we contact on email and phone he said

            refund held but my online bank account not so this when we again

            contact then he/she gave me some number of BANK statements (he said

            this is statement we not know) and he say we contact our bank, when we

            contact banker says where he fill these numbers in his computer .

            When we again contact on element14 he again and again say he do nothing .

            When we see our element14 account Land slipped from under foot my

            invoice address card details amount paid all are change we understand

            it is fraud.

            Element14 do not tell me which payment gateway he use for refund.

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              Its a sad thing when this happens. I do know that no on-line store can exist without absolute honesty. I'm sure Element14 will fix this promptly but I have one serious question: Why did you wait so long before bringing this to a head?

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                  Jan Cumps

                  Duncan MacDonald wrote:


                  ...but I have one serious question: Why did you wait so long before bringing this to a head?

                  maybe because one doesn't expect this to happen when purchasing from e14?

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                      In theory it is true Jan,

                      but just taking a look as a customer in this site it is not difficult to check how things works, IMHO. I bought in past also not yet available products and they almost constanty updated me during months (I was a component available after six months from my purchase).


                      So if after placing an order nothing happens in very few time (hours is already a long time). suspects should arise.


                      You are right Jan, especially because a first time customer may don't know ow things should be expected to work. My suggestion is to place in the order page or somewhere easy to read for customers what they should expect happen after placing an online order suggesting that if they didn't receive any feedback after a certain reasonable time to contact directly a specific email or E14 reference.



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                    spannerspencer, jancumps, balearicdynamics, does not matter what the issue, and we do not know all the intricate details nor the corroborated true story here, but this should never, ever happen to customers.

                    There should be a "goto" person, place, service to deal with this end to end until the customer either get their order/item or their money back in a confirmed manner with all the checks and balances in place.

                    It is clear that customer services is not enough....


                    Just saying....



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                      2059190RL-  First of all they are not able to ship this material, i got that information after one week only when i followed up on the status they tell you we want ship due to restrictions very negligently, ok accepted the issue, atleast refund has to be done i shared the company details they committed to do by April and tell month end issues to refund the order amount that is highly ridiculous,  No response for this refund still