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    Variant Issues


      I am working with variants in CS.  I have declared the variant options to show the RED X on the schematics when parts are not fitted.  However, when I select the variant with not fitted parts, only the PCB is affected.  The schematics do not change.  How do I set it up so that it shows not fitted parts on both the schematic and PCB?  Rather, how do I display the RED X for not fitted components on the schematics?


      My current steps:

      1-Open Variant Manager

      2-Add Variant

      3-Name the Variant

      4-Click OK

      5-Select components "Not Fitted" in variant

      6-Make sure that the variant options are selected in the schematic and PCB.

      7-In Project Actions, select variant from drop-down menu. 

      8-Watch as the schematic does not change.

      9-Watch as the PCB changes by making components disappear.


      This is also the case when generating outputs.  I can only generate the No Variant output of the schematics.  The PCB works though.