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    Variant Issues


      I am working with variants in CS.  I have declared the variant options to show the RED X on the schematics when parts are not fitted.  However, when I select the variant with not fitted parts, only the PCB is affected.  The schematics do not change.  How do I set it up so that it shows not fitted parts on both the schematic and PCB?  Rather, how do I display the RED X for not fitted components on the schematics?


      My current steps:

      1-Open Variant Manager

      2-Add Variant

      3-Name the Variant

      4-Click OK

      5-Select components "Not Fitted" in variant

      6-Make sure that the variant options are selected in the schematic and PCB.

      7-In Project Actions, select variant from drop-down menu. 

      8-Watch as the schematic does not change.

      9-Watch as the PCB changes by making components disappear.


      This is also the case when generating outputs.  I can only generate the No Variant output of the schematics.  The PCB works though.

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          Hi James,


          Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I will check with the developers and see if they have a solution.



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            From the developers:


            Home > Project > Compile will compile the schematic and add the Compiler Tab at the bottom left of the schematic, adjacent to the Editor tab. Click the Compiler tab and the Not Fitted components will display the red X (provided the Drawing Style hasn't been changed to not show it) over the component.

            When Generating Outputs, for Schematic Prints you must click the Configure link and change from Logical Documents to Physical Documents. This is so that the software doesn't just print out the schematics as they were edited, but rather the compiled version for the Variant you're saving to PDF.

            Think of Physical as what will be physically present on the PCB.

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              From the developers:


              When the repeat statement is used there are more physical components on the PCB so the Component Links command shows many more links between each channel and each PCB component.


              Therefore each one of these component instances needs to be setup in the Variant Management dialog.



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                  So the answer the question I asked... No Circuitstudio does not support multi-channel Variants like Altium Designer has for the last few generations.


                  That's a shame, I use hierarchical multi-channel schematics all the time, so looks like variants is a no go.


                  Perhaps the online documentation should be updated to make it clear that it requires manual intervention if you want to use them together.