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    Vault population?




      My main incentive in moving over to CircuitStudio is improved part management ... I was interested in the idea of the "vault" and easy access to 30,000 professional symbols, widely used by the Altium community.


      Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but the Vault seems rather ... bare?  For example in NXP (who have a huge range of power semis) there is 1 transistor listed ... TI have one single DSP .... AVX have just 4 capacitors ... I was hoping for a little more comprehensive coverage.  Is the Vault a work in progress and still early days, or am I missing something obvious and just need to click a button or add a URL to gain the rest of the vault content?


      I did find some libraries on the "Altium Live" site,  unfortunately I am unable to access them, as when I click it says "Login to download" .. I login and it says "Insufficient privileges to access this area" or something similar ... "click here to register" .... so I click to register and it says "that email address is already in use" ... which I know it is, as I just logged in with it.   ...

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            Umm I thought that was for some sort of locally hosted vault that you ran for users of Designer within a larger organisation, to host your company-specific parts across a number of engineers? The impression I got from the CircuitStudio blurb was that it had access to a collection/vault pre loaded with a good array of devices?


            From the front page of CircuitStudio.com ..


            "Unlimited Design Content Access


            Easily find specialized parts for your design with unlimited access to over 350,000 components in the CircuitStudio Content Library."


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                Must check all the fine print:

                Vault components for use in your CircuitStudio designs are available from the Altium Content Vault. To connect to the vault, simply access the Data Management – Vaults page of the Preferences dialog (File » System Preferences), and click the Add Altium Content Vault button. Provided you have a licensed instance of CircuitStudio, a connection to the vault will be made instantly. This connection enables you to access and place content from the Altium Content Vault directly into your designs, through the Vaults panel (File » Vault Explorer). Note that CircuitStudio caters for the use of vault-based components in designs, but does not permit the creation, release, or modification of such components. In other words, data from the Altium Content Vault is strictly for consumption only.

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                    Still no clearer.


                    I have a valid CircuitStudio trial license.


                    I have the "vaults" panel, it has connected  ...


                    Bu there seems to be precious little actual content in the vault, I only checked a few manufacturers who I am familiar with but here's what I have for example in NXP ...



                    One, single solitary bipolar transistor, yet NXP have hundreds ... similarly their MOSFETs ... (NXP have hundreds of widely used MOSFETS) .. and there is ... 1 in the vault ..



                    Renesas .. 1 solitary IGBT:



                    TI DSP's .. same story ... where are the "350,000" components spoken of?  I am assuming I still have not fully understood how this content works, becuase there is nothing like 350,000 devices in this vault.


                    Perhaps the "350,000" refers to some other, additional content? Not the vault?  If so, what is it and where is it?

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                Hi Robin,


                I will see if I can get an answer from the developers.



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                  I had the exact same problem when I first started Circuit Studio.  I believe it is actually a poor instantiation of the vault window.  If you look closely at the vault window and look at the rectangular box that says "Standard MOSFETS" in one of your examples, you need to use your mouse to pull down the small grey bar at the bottom of that rectangle to expand that viewer.  Then you will see many components in Standard MOSFETS.

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                      This was my post above...  you will notice that when you pull the box down, that configuration of the Vault window will stay in memory so you don't have to pull it down each time you open the vault.  It seems to be just the way the software comes standard.  Hope this solves your problem.

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                          Yep, it turns out the component list as standard is minimised so that it can't be seen, with no real indication that it is there ...


                          What is needed I guess is a minimum height setting on that scroll pane, to stop it minimising to nothing as standard.


                          I did play with CircuitStudio but in the end ran out of patience/time .. I normally use Eagle and it is relatively quick to draw a circuit diagram, select (or make) parts and then place them on the board ... I was having some difficulty with CircuitStudio to get that far, perhaps I need to watch a tutorial someday, but I think I have run out of trial period, so it may have to wait until I have some time in the summer.

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                        From the developers:


                        Please ask them to apply for an AltiumLive account on the www.altium.com website. This is free and allows them to go to a library and click the Download icon to download the library.


                        The library downloads within a zip archive, so the IntLib file must be unzipped before use in CircuitStudio.

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                            As mentioned, what you suggest is not possible.  I already have a registration on that site, if I try to register, it tells me my email address is already in use, which is correct, it is .. so I log in and I get:



                            It sends me to the registration page, which says "by clicking submit ... etc" ... and there is no "submit" button ...


                            It is simply not possible ...

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                                Hi Robin,


                                I just sent you in invitation for AltiumLive to enable you to sign into the website if you'd like to download the IntLib files. In the sign in screen there is another button called Join that usually allows you to get past the sign in step. Do you remember if you tried the Join button?


                                Best regards,


                                James Harriman


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                                  Hi guys,


                                  I'm having the same problem here too.

                                  I've finally figured out how to find lots of the stuff in the vault, but boy, isn't it a hard road for a newcomer!

                                  But I still can't seem to find half the components I'm looking for.


                                  I've similarly tried to log into Altium Live from following the replies to this post.

                                  I got the same as Robin.

                                  So I tried a second time to "Join" per James suggestion (even though it let me log in and gave me the Insufficient resources message as I obviously was known as a member).

                                  And it says check my email for further instructions.

                                  All that did was offer the free trial or contact us directly.


                                  Oh, and you don't even have Circuit Studio in the list of "Currently Used PCB Layout Tools" in that form!


                                  So I sign in again and just get that stupid error message again, round and around and around.



                                  I don't have another week to waste waiting (it seems to take a week to get a response to email questions) so I rang the help number on the Altium live page.

                                  The guy was very helpful and did try to help, but he couldn't see me in the system and because CS support is an element14 problem, not an Altium problem he couldn't take it any further.


                                  Could James or someone please send me a link that actually works too please?

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                                      Hi Andrew,


                                      I can certainly help you. We've identified a synchronization problem with our database that makes the CircuitStudio records difficult to locate and difficult for Altium and element14 staff to see so this should improve soon. Sorry you have been looped around this way!


                                      I'll send you a direct email and discuss.


                                      Best regards,


                                      James Harriman


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                                          Big thanks to James for contacting me and showing me how to find  parts libraries. 

                                          I've now found lots of the parts and footprints I was struggling with.

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                                            I am having similar issues with the vault, and my interest in logging into the altium website to download inlib files. it seems that with circuit studio, it is necessary to do it this way, as it is otherwise impossible to copy part geometry and symbols otherwise.




                                            - Joe

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                                                Hi Joe,


                                                Design Content is available for anyone who registers, directly from the designcontent website, but actually does not require an AltiumLive account.

                                                It's not immediately obvious, so here are the instructions to do this:


                                                1. Open https://designcontent.live.altium.com/#UnifiedComponents in your browser.


                                                2. Register with First Name, Last Name, Email address and PCB Layout Tool


                                                3. Receive the email containing a link and use the link in each web browser that you intend to download content.

                                                   - a cookie will be saved in the browser so that you may download other libraries without registering each time

                                                   - repeat for each type of browser you wish to use, e.g. Firefox or Chrome


                                                4. The file downloads as a zip archive. This must be extracted to your drive prior to use in CircuitStudio.

                                                   - e.g. click on the downloaded *.zip file and copy and paste the *.IntLib (Integrated Library) file to a folder on your PC.


                                                5. Drag the *.IntLib onto CircuitStudio and Choose Extract Sources

                                                   - the Projects panel will show a LibPkg project containing a SchLib and PcbLib file.


                                                6. To allow CircuitStudio to locate the footprints during updating the board, these two files should be installed in the Libraries panel, or alternatively you may drag these two files into your project.

                                                   - the upcoming CircuitStudio 1.4 is expected to work better with libraries that are not installed or are not installed in the libraries panel.


                                                7. Edit the libraries. Often you only want one device when you've downloaded the family

                                                   - you may choose to copy the one Schematic component to your own custom library

                                                   - don't forget to also copy the corresponding footprint(s) from the downloaded PcbLib to your custom footprint library.

                                                   - edit the originals or copy and paste to make your own versions.


                                                Other libraries



                                                Old Altium libraries


                                                Very old libraries are available, but please note these are not maintained under our quality assurance program:





                                                Octopart.com is a website owned by Altium and the library can be searched here: https://octopart.com/common-parts-library

                                                The site was purchased in 2015 and is being used to enhance Altium's product range with richer component data and BOM and analysis tools. This section of Octopart.com is for: "The Common Parts Library for Production is a set of commonly used electronic components for designing and manufacturing connected device products."


                                                To get these libraries, go to http://www.snapeda.com/libraries/octopart/common-parts-library/ and sign up (free).

                                                Click Download Library and choose Altium as the format, to download Common-Parts-Library-Altium.lia


                                                Follow these steps to import the P-CAD library into CircuitStudio:


                                                Select File > Import

                                                Choose P-CAD Libraries (*.LIA; *LIB) in the drop down list and browse for the downloaded .Lia file.

                                                Click Open to start the import.

                                                When this runs the PCB library window will flicker quite intensely for several minutes, then the schematic library loads within a few more seconds, then a dialog displays with "Done".


                                                Best regards,


                                                James Harriman


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                                                Recently I received "Altium Subscription Payment is Due N Days" email.


                                                Actually unable to complete these steps:
                                                •Log in to your AltiumLive account at https://live.altium.com
                                                •Select Dashboard at the top navigation bar.
                                                •Select Licenses on your AltiumLive Dashboard.
                                                •Select Auto Pay or Pay Now for your desired license.


                                                Always see an error "Insufficient privileges to enter this space. You will be redirected to registration page." when I try to open dashboard.


                                                Could you help me ?


                                                Thanks a lot!