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    Remote control your robox

    Andy Clark (Workshopshed)



      The root is a Raspbery Pi based "remote" that hooks up via the Wifi and monitors a Robox. It needs presliced files at the moment but slicing an STL is a planned future enhancement. As the root is Pi based you can add anything else custom you want such as a remote power switch for the Robox or a Camera.




      There is an obvious comparison to be made with the OctoPrint which does support slicing and STL uploads. CEL's automaker software is a bit more sophisticated than Octoprint in that it reads the spool for an ID then loads a custom profile based on the material loaded.


      The Mote is a screen to control the Root and the Tree is a flatpack stand to allow you to run a print farm of devices.

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          The project proof of concept is really interesting. To be honest I don't see nothing so new than a nice design and a curated presentation style, almost all the 3D printers can be remotely controlled by definition and I am doing the same with my prusa i3 from Geetech. As I have the presumption to be a bit experienced with 3D printing I have some serious doubts that you can really place 2, 3 or more robox printers (I am aware this is one of the best and advanced models) and these can start printing without difficult like in a small home plant. 3D printing is not so super easy that you can just start and forget, IMHO...