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    Vault Items Very Difficult to Navigate


      I am looking for a USB surface mount connector.  The vault returns this:



      you cannot resize the columns in this view.  you have to click the categories button, and then manually uncheck about 100 parameters which are totally irrelevant,  then you can actually kind of see the results from your search.  then if you click on one - you usually find its not what you want.  then there is no back button to the previous view.  the back button at the top goes to your previous search, not the previous page of results with your 100 manually unchecked boxes.


      this is really pretty well useless.


      there's got to be missing search tools on this CS version - there's no way anyone can use this database viewer as is.  


      i've had some luck with the vault only if you already know which part number you're looking for.  then about 30% of the time the vault has a component.  this just isn't good.  the vault contents must be useful, but if you cannot search them effectively they are use less.