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    WCC BBB...no idea what to do.


      Allright, so i bought the wireless connectivity cape for my bbb rev-c. The instructions for using it, and, what the WCC is capable of is pretty much useless to me being an absolute beginner. Please don't tell me i picked the wrong single board computer for a novice...this i fully realize is the case. The cape itself appears to be of excellent quality, but there is ZERO information i can find useful for step by step instructions to get it running...I am running a linux machine (and i am new to linux)  with the BBB and it allows me to open a terminal in the BBB directly. AND I CAN NOT GET IT TO WORK, using the provided instructions, they are not clear. Can anyone, for the love of god help me before i destroy $100 worth of hardware by soccer kicking it around my city? thank you!